Map up your Data

Put your data on the map and discover 
new potential for your business in real time.
25-35 years 
middle class

Location Intelligence 
with Density

The heat map tool Density helps you to visualize 
large collections of point data on an interactive 
map. Filter your data sets in various 
dimensions and analysize specific time frames. 
Evaluate your data in real time to quickly 
obtain a better understanding of how different 
factors are associated. Use familiar Google 
Maps functions - display your results in 
relation to traffic data or POIs. The intuitive 
and easy-to-understand cartographic display 
format facilitates completely new insights into 
the world of data.

Evaluation with 
Real-time Performance

Thanks to the easy-to-use control, the user 
can dynamically change the data and 
investigate it as required. 
«For a long time, the added value of data was 
not recognized. Now, intelligent visualization 
with Density helps us to develop 
new business models.»
Peter K., Premier Telco
«Thanks to complex analyses, we obtain 
precisely the information we need to optimize 
our business area.»
Sam T., Urban Bike Share
«A special feature is the cross filters, which 
facilitate a multidimensional evaluation in real 
time. It’s so exciting that each time, 
something completely new is discovered.»
Jens Wille, Ubilabs

Are You Aware of 
Your Data’s Potential?

Find out what it means to work with Density. 
Obtain new insights and recognize your 
data’s potential
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